Promat Q&As

Can I use PROMASEAL® Fire Compound Extra strength in areas where it would be exposed to water?

PROMASEAL® Fire Compound Extra Strength is categorised as Z1 (ie suitable for use in internal applications, subject to high humidity) according to ETAG 026 exposure categories.

However it is possible to make the seals “waterproof” by applying a water based epoxy coating onto the surface of the compound, using coatings such as FOSROC Nitofloor FC130 or Sikafloor 2530W. 

These coatings are both 2 component water based epoxy resin floor coatings. Solvent based epoxy coatings are not compatible, and should not be used for this application.

The compound should be dry before applying any surface coating and a minimum of 2 coats, ideally 3 coats, applied 24 hours apart between coats, will be needed to guarantee a completely waterproof seal. Go to product information