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How do I fire protect Dormer Cheeks and Timber Framed External Walls?

Dormer Cheeks and Timber Framed external walls, that are within 1m of a relevant boundary, will need to provide fire resistance from both the internal and the external side of the wall. Promat SUPALUX® is recommended for this application.  Please note that SUPALUX® is suitable for semi-exposed locations, such as soffits, but boards must be protected from direct weathering in this application, by use of an external grade cladding board/system. SUPALUX® can not be directly rendered, so a suitable carrier board would be needed if a render finish is required. 

Please download the appropriate document below for the full specification. 

TDS054 - 30 minute SUPALUX® Dormer Cheek

TDS086 - 60 minute SUPALUX® Dormer Cheek