Promat Q&As

How do I fire protect Soffits & Fascias and External Oil Tanks?

Please download appropriate datasheet, following links below, to see specification details for the use of Promat SUPALUX®, used to provide fire protection in a soffit or fascia application.  

These data sheets show the use of SUPALUX®, used in conjunction with a Marley Eternit external grade board.  Other suitable external cladding materials can be used in this application.

Alternatively, if required to provide 30 or 60 minutes fire protection to the underside of a timber joisted timber floor, where boards will be in a semi exposed application, then standard details from the Promat Fire protection Handbook can be used. Further details given in Fire Protection to timber floors section below. 

Unfortunately Promat UK do not have recommendations for products that can be used, fully externally, to provide fire protection to Oil Tanks.  In our experience a brick or block wall is usually required. 

TDS003B – 30 minute SUPALUX® Marley Eternit Operal/Paintboard Soffit and Fascia

TDS004B - 60 minute SUPALUX® Marley Eternit Soffit and Fascia